Our Technology

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The cornerstone of the Company’s production process, the Omega System, combines photobioreactor technology for growing algae and proprietary methodologies for extracting Omega 3 oil, Astaxanthin and other byproducts. The Company’s experts and scientific researchers have devised a scalable modular production system that is low-cost, energy-efficient and environmentally sound.

The Omega System generates faster algal growth rates versus less efficient open pond and non-continuous, closed-loop systems. Its modular design allows the flexibility to use any building or location for future production without having to modify or change the design. Algae to Omega differs from our competitors by employing a unique way to cultivate algae using continuous and batch, systems. Our system ensures sustainable and efficient algae cultivation on a commercial scale.

While there are competitors worldwide who cultivate algae in open ponds or primitive photobioreactor systems, very few of them rival our technology and expertise.