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Leadership Team


Geronimos Dimitrelos, Founder, CEO, CTO & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Geronimos Dimitrelos
Founder, CEO, CTO

Geronimos Dimitrelos is the Founder of Algae to Omega Holdings, and serves a dual role as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Additionally, he is also Chairman of its Board of Directors. In these roles, he provides the energy and leadership needed to set company standards and shape the Company’s overarching vision. He also creates and executes the long and short-term goals and objectives of the Company, including its research and development strategies, which have greatly advanced the Company’s algae cultivation technologies.

Geronimos has a life-long commitment to health and optimal vitality through the utilization of algae and other natural products, which began during his tenure in the U.S. military, continued throughout his professional wrestling career and remained strong during his various entrepreneurial ventures. His unwavering passion for algae resulted in a decade-long inquiry, where he specifically focused his research on the commercialization, development and production of algae grow systems and technologies.

Geronimos is the visionary behind Algae to Omega’s advancements in algae cultivation technology and is the sole inventor of Algae to Omega’s patented technologies, which include the cultivation of microalgae using a photobioreactor, and other patented advancements that will streamline the cultivation of microalgae and its by-products.

Geronimos also has expertise in designing cutting-edge product formulations, and is adept in identifying gaps in the current market in order to fulfill consumers’ nutritional needs. He remains committed to developing innovative products that touch and improve consumers’ health and lives every single day.

Geronimos attended the University of Minnesota and the University of Central Florida, under an Army scholarship, and earned a Sergeant’s rank in the U.S. military.

Tim Wright, Chief Strategist

Tim Wright, Chief Strategist

In his role as Chief Strategist, Tim Wright is responsible for driving Algae to Omega’s growth strategy through acquisitions, strategic partnerships, investments, co-development, and innovation. Since joining the Company last year, Mr. Wright’s main focus been on strengthening the intellectual property of the Company, by leading efforts to broaden the scope of its first patent and in the filing of a second patent application. His input is important as the Company focuses on implementing its key goals and objectives, including the commercialization and licensing of Algae to Omega’s cutting-edge technologies.  

Tim brings with him 37 years of experience in private equity, structuring transactions, and risk assessment. Prior to joining Algae to Omega, Tim was a practicing tax and energy law attorney for 24 years, and then went on to co-found a private equity business focused on energy and clean coal technology businesses.

Tim holds a Juris Doctor and a Masters of Laws in Taxation from New York University’s School of Law, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Politics from New York University’s Washington Square University College.

Ralph Dominguez, President and Member of the Board of Directors

Ralph Dominguez, President

Raphael Dominguez is the President of Algae to Omega Holdings and also serves as a member of the Company’s Board of Directors.  As President, Ralph is responsible for day to day operations and overall management of the Company, as well as the Company’s marketing and communication activities.

Bringing with him a passion for nutrition and fitness, Raphael has been an integral part of building the core foundation of Algae to Omega since it was founded.  He is known as a high energy leader with an entrepreneurial approach to building brands and businesses.

Raphael is proficient in managing all aspects of the new product launch process from conception through promotional sales support, including package design, pricing and marketing strategy. He has a deep expertise in sales and operations, and takes an integrated marketing and communications approach from brand to demand, using digital and social media to engage customers.

Prior to joining Algae to Omega, Raphael had a successful track record in finance, securities, business development and management. Throughout his career, he has served as a principal for several financial organizations, including IGS Capital Management, Stonehurst Securities, and IGS Financial.

Raphael is also currently the president of Fluid Capital Solutions, Inc., which is a consulting firm he founded that focuses on socially responsible investments and financial services. He has been a licensed real-estate agent since 2004, and has previously held Series 22 and Series 39 securities licenses.

Steven L. Relis, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Steven Relis CPA & CFO

As the Chief Financial Officer of Algae to Omega Holdings, Steven Relis is responsible for all of the financial and tax reporting done by the Company. He also presides over the Company’s accounting department, and is in charge of its financial modeling and budgeting.

Steve is a finance professional with decades of experience spanning the entire gamut of finance, including treasury, audit, capital structure, and financial planning and analysis. He has extensive work experience in various industries including high-tech, real estate, construction, manufacturing and professional services.

Prior to joining Algae to Omega, Steve served as Chief Accounting Officer of Gilat Latin America, a subsidiary of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., and of Ursus Telecom Corporation.  He also served as interim Chief Financial Officer at Ursus Telecom. He has held several audit manager positions, including at Ernst & Young where he was part of the entrepreneurial services group which specialized in how best to support the needs of aggressive growth companies.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Long Island University, and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the States of Florida and New York. He is also a member of the American, Florida and New York Institutes of Certified Public Accounting. In addition to his work at Algae to Omega Holdings, Steve is a managing partner at at Koutoulas and Relis, an accounting and auditing firm that offers personal and corporate tax preparation, as well as retirement and investment planning services.

Duc Tran, Ph.D., Director of Cultivation

Duc Tran, PhD Director of Cultivation

Duc Tran is the Company’s Director of Cultivation and is responsible for the management of the Company’s laboratory, strain development, and microalgae cultivation efforts.  For the past 15 years Duc has focused his work on microalgae production, with a specialization in carotenoid and lipid metabolism.

Duc completed his post-doctorate training in Biology in 2006 at Brooklyn College, CUNY. It is here where he first began his work developing a number of microalgae strains specifically with high contents of Astaxanthin and other valuable carotenoids, including Haematococus and Dunaliella. Duc’s vast knowledge of strain isolation and identification has led to the completion of numerous publications related to carotenoid biosynthesis, as well as the production of lipids and antioxidants from microalgae, and their functional food and nutraceutical applications.

Before joining Algae to Omega, Duc held a faculty position in Vietnam National University’s Department of Biotechnology. Duc holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Biology from St. John’s University, in addition to a Master of Science in Ecological and Environmental Science from the University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Education, Vietnam.

Dev Dabas, Member of the Board of Directors

Dev Dabas, Board of Directors

Dev Dabas is a member of the Board of Directors, as well as a major shareholder of the Company.  Dev‘s extensive background in both science and finance led to him holding several high-level positions in both banking and industry, until his retirement in 2008. His vast knowledge and varied work experiences make him a unique and insightful Board Member.

Dev earned a Master of Science in Physics from the University of Delhi and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. Additionally, Dev also holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Delhi.

Advisory Board Members

Joseph Purita, MD, F.A.C.S, F.A.A.O.S., F.A.A.P.M
Douglas Mancosky, PhD – Director – Hydro Dynamics, Inc
Gregg Johnson, CEO – New Logic Research
Kevin Wells, CEO – LumiGrow, Inc
Mark Edwards, Algae Expert & Author of Freedom Foods
Jose Antonio, PhD, FISSN, FNSCA, CSCS