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Mr. Dominguez brings a successful track record in finance, securities, business development and management to the Company. Mr. Dominguez has been instrumental in building the foundation of the Company and led Algae to Omega through its initial seed fundraising. Throughout his career, he has served as a principal for various companies. From 2001 to 2003, he was a principal for several hedge funds that specialized in momentum trading in both foreign currency markets as well as equities markets. In July of 2003, Mr. Dominguez started IGS Capital Management and soon after he became a licensed real-estate agent. During this time Mr. Dominguez was involved in the formation and management of twenty real estate limited partnerships.

Later, he was instrumental in the development of Oceanfront Brokerage, a real estate brokerage firm and its sister company IGS Financial, a correspondent lender and its NASD member broker/dealer affiliate IGS Securities. He also held a Series 22 Securities License and Series 39 Principals Securities License. In early 2008, Mr. Dominguez was a partner and principal of the Fort Lauderdale division of Stonehurst Securities, a registered FINRA member broker/dealer. After leaving Stonehurst Securities, Mr. Dominguez started growing his consulting company Fluid Capital Solutions, Inc which is focused on Social Responsible Investments and financial services. Socially Responsible Investing, is a process that considers the social and environmental consequences of investments, within the context of rigorous financial analysis.

Mr. Dominguez is also knowledgeable in various areas including but not limited to health, nutrition, financing and business development.