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Algae’s Potential

Algae to Omega, a biotech company, has perfected the cultivation of microalgae in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. This is important because microalgae is becoming a leading agricultural crop, in part due to its versatile array of uses and increased market demand for algae-derived products. What are Microalgae? Microalgae are a large and diverse

Algae Agriculture Act 2018

Algae to Omega has been a leader in the development of proprietary technologies related to the sustainable cultivation of microalgae. Microalgae contain several bioactive compounds that can meet the nutrient and energy demands of our growing population, without posing a negative impact on the environment. Unlike traditional agriculture crops, algae doesn’t need arable land or

Algae to Omega Has the Technologies You Need

Because Algae to Omega recognizes the many benefits of algae cultivation, we have been working since 2010 to develop proprietary algae cultivation systems that blend cutting edge scientific advances with traditional cultivation methodologies. The result is our patented closed loop Omega Grow System.  Through the application of our technology we can provide algae biomass and