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Animal Feed

After the bulk algae biomass is processed for Omega 3 oil and Astaxanthin, the remaining dry algae cake serves as a nutritious and easily digestible feed for livestock – cattle, pigs, chicken and goats. It is price competitive with other feeds, environmentally friendly to produce and better than corn, which is difficult for cattle to digest.

When algae cake is mixed with trace amounts of Astaxanthin, livestock show increases in fertility rates. It has also demonstrated impressive health benefits as outlined below.

Poultry Health Benefits

  • Increases calcium content and strength of the shell
  • Increases in the number of eggs per year
  • Increases egg laying period from 14 months to 24 months
  • Decreases mortality rates from 10% to less than 2%
  • Prevents, reduces, eliminates osteoporosis and degenerative conditions
  • Significantly better taste

Cattle Health Benefits

  • Increases quantity of milk and healthier and better tasting milk
  • Easy for cattle to digest
  • Increases ‘good’ butter fat percentage
  • Significantly longer milking period
  • Prevents, reduces, eliminates osteoporosis and degenerative conditions
  • Prevents, reduces, speeds repair of physiological and physical mastitis
  • Prevents and reduces incidence of encephalopathy or Mad Cow Disease